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Our Engineering and Support Team

Thomas W. Kotowski
Tom is currently serving in an appointment by the Research and Innovative Technology Administration as an Expert Physicist in a five person review panel. This panel is charged with the peer review of NASA's (NESC's) work in the Toyota Sudden Unintended Acceleration Study for the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Tom has an MS in Theoretical Physics from the University of Wisconsin and an MA in Clinical Psychology.  He worked for 37 years for Delphi, a spinoff of General Motors, in Corporate R & D as a Senior Physicist. The Design group, in which he worked, is a world class organization, which has been successful in winning contracts against the best product development companies in the world.  He was involved in the concept, design, and production of over a dozen products for the semiconductor industry, holds six patents in the design of semiconductor devices, made numerous national presentations, published research articles, and has been a national and international consultant for product development. Tom brings this corporate experience, R & D skills, and multi-disciplinary background to the analysis, practice, development, and promotion of Leap Cad Systems.

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Dr. Bet J. Kotowski, Educator and Executive Consultant
Dr. Kotowski has a Doctorate in Leadership and Management from Indiana University Bloomington.  She has 25 years of professional leadership experience.  Bet has served as an Assistant Superintendent for the School Board of Rush County Indiana and Director of Professional Development for the State of Indiana.  She was an assistant professor of Statistics, Assessment and Evaluation.  She has state, national, and international experience as an assessment and evaluation consultant. 

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Office: 239-558-4949