Potential Collaborators



Potential Collaborators

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Potential Collaborators

Metcalfe’s law states that the value of a network is proportional to the square of number of subscribers. The goal of Leap Cad is to get a critical mass of abstracted papers ( ~300), sufficient to attract enough attention for rapid growth.  The analytic model library is for the development of concepts and ideas, not for detailed product design. We do not need the precise geometric modeling provided by finite element programs.  The goal of the system is application to “low hanging fruit”, that is, those innovations most amenable to the Leap Cad System approach.

If you would like to contribute an abstraction of an energy related paper please contact us. Examples of analyses are given under "Models & Analyses." Any reusable math script on energy research generated by Mathcad, MatLab, Octave, or Mathematica will be very helpful.





A collaborative network of physical analysis, abstraction, cataloging, and breakthrough strategies. .