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Energy and Electric Vehicle Links

Energy Sites
Annual Energy Review (AER) - long-term historical statistics all in one place
EcoWorld – Energy and Climate_Analysis
Emerging Energy Research
Energy Facts Blogspot
Green Car Congress – Sustainable Mobility
National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) - DOE’s national laboratory
MIT Technology Review - Energy
The Oil Drum - Last post September 2013
UCSR Center for Energy Research - R & D  
US Department of Energy – Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
US Department of Energy – Hydrogen and Clean Climate_Analysis
US Department of Energy – PHEV
US Department of Energy – Vehicle Technologies
US Department of Energy – Vehicles and Climate_Analysis
World Energy Council

General Energy Blogs

Fusion Reactors
ITER International Fusion Reactor
Links to Fusion Sites
Lockheed Martin Compact Fusion
Focus Fusion-Dense Plasma Fusion Device
Focus Fusion Society - Forums

EV Sites
Advanced Vehicle Testing Activity, Idaho National Laboratory
All Cars Electric
Electric Transportation Engineering Corporation, eTec
EV1 1999 NiMH Specifications
Nisson Leaf
Pininfarina Blue Car

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