How you can help



How you can help

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How you can help

The LCC is an implementation of a number of leading breakthrough strategies. It posits that development in a technical area can be jump started by mathematically abstracting and providing, both the fundamental science and, most importantly, the advanced concepts in their 100 leading technical papers. This effort requires the support and collaboration of technologists with a vision for energy independence. 

The heart of the LCC process is abstracting and codifying the work of the leading engineering and scientific experts into a common framework of standard math tools.  The deliverables of these experts are commonly in the form of analyses tables, graphs, conclusions, or mathematical models.

LCC is a structured method for mathematically abstracting and codifying the core knowledge from leading experts in emerging energy technologies. Synergy posits that at some point of “critical mass” new ideas and solutions will evolve. GMA posits that given key dimensions of a problem, new configurations identify solution spaces, which previously may have not been quantifiable.

You can take an active part in freeing this nation from energy dependence on oil and greening the planet by increasing our intellectual capital by helping to create an energy toolkit. 

There are some areas where you can contribute.

Bibliography of Leading Edge Papers
Identify key concepts, methodologies, problems, and goals for an area of emerging energy technology.
Those working in leading edges of technology can create bibligraphies of the key papers in an emerging energy area.

Mathematical Abstraction into Standard Math Tools
Basic Science
Contribute existing resources
Leading Edge Papers
Contributing tools you have created
Translate solutions from papers into tutorial tools like Mathcad

Development of Breakthrough Strategies and Concepts
The LC concept can be further developed
The LC concept can be fine tuned
LCC is built on synergy, the Delphi Method, and General Morphological Analysis

Promotion of the LC Project
Discussion with colleagues
Start a Local Chapter
Breakthrough Strategies

Incorporate these materials into you work
Look for synergism,
Don’t re-invent the wheel


Start a University Chapter

Talk to your fellow students or professors and collaborate on abstracting your university’s research into a standard math format to contribute to this site.  Investigate new breakthrough techniques and/or apply them to the framework.
Communicate the website and objective to your colleagues by email, bulletin boards, …


A collaborative network of physical analysis, abstraction, cataloging, and breakthrough strategies. .